Happy Parents, Happy Children

How To Keep Your Relationship Strong While Raising A Young Family

Happy Parents, Happy Children: How To Keep Your Relationship Strong While Raising A Young Family” is a course I developed using many elements from Dr. Gottman’s “Bringing Baby Home” and “Emotion Coaching” workshops in addition to Dr. Gottman’s Level 1 Couples Therapy course.

It is a course for expectant parents, new parents and parents with young children. This course caters to heterosexual, same-sex, single and adoptive parents. Having a child is a wonderful, rewarding and exhilarating experience yet it can also be stressful, chaotic and unknown.

As a couple, parents are not prepared for the impact a baby has on their relationship. Lack of sleep, the unavailability of the new mom to her partner, and a variety of new stressors such as financial, balancing work and home life and a significant shift of thinking from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality, all lead to more conflict.

Research shows that in the home, if there is a hostile parent to parent relationship or a withdrawn parent to child relationship, the child, over time, will suffer cognitively, socially and emotionally.
The goal of the course is to teach couples strategies and give them tools so they can stay best friends, learn to manage conflict effectively and enhance their romance and intimacy all while raising a family.
All of this is important because the greatest gift you can give your child is a strong relationship between the two of you!

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

Based on Drs. Julie and John Gottman's over four decades of research, The Bringing Baby Home Program is engaging and informative and offers several methods of instruction such as short lecture, video instruction, music, and time for short exercises with a partner. Communication, connection, expressing fondness and admiration in addition to constructive problem solving, handling conflicts with children effectively when they do arise, emotion coaching as well as how to preserve intimacy and romance are all topics covered.

Both fathers and mothers showed greater sensitivity and responsiveness to their infant’s signals, expressed less hostility towards each other and both, but especially fathers, reported being more involved in parenting and feeling more satisfied and appreciated for their parental contributions.

Personalized Coaching Packages & Pricing

Discovering Each Other Again

  • 60 minute Zoom session, 30 minutes with each partner, in order to individualize your sessions
  • 5 individualized 1.5 hour sessions, 2 in-home and 3 via Zoom, 2 weeks apart
    weekly follow-up support
  • Gottman workbook & couples card decks
  • 4 individual Gottman approved booklets
  • Copy of Gottman's book "The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work"
  • Sessions include slide show and video instruction
  • Email support for 1 month after last session

Need more time? We have options for ongoing support when you choose this package.

This package is perfect for couples who want to go deeper and really make significant changes in their relationship.


  • 30 minute Zoom session to determine how I can help
  • 3 individualized hour long Zoom sessions to suit both of our schedules
  • Sessions include slide show and video instruction
  • Email support for 1 month
Perfect for you if you want to get to know me or you need a tune up.

Date Night

  • 30 minute phone call to determine how I can help
  • 1 hour phone or video session
  • Session includes slide show and video instruction
  • Follow up notes
Perfect for you if you have one issue I can support and encourage you through.