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What is Conscious Parenting?

The Conscious Parenting Method™* asks us to connect with our children on a deeper level, by first connecting with ourselves. The Conscious Parenting Method™ doesn’t focus on a child’s behaviour but on the essence beneath the behaviour so the parent can honestly see the true spirit of the child. There is no “fixing, controlling or managing” of a child.
This method, as opposed to more traditional parenting methods, teaches the parent to see children through the lens they deserve, not through the parent's wounded lens of themselves. By being CURIOUS about what is going on within you when engaging with your children, your CONSCIOUSNESS awakens and with it the CHOICE of discovering new ways to relate to your children.
Mom and son
Above all else, The Conscious Parenting Method™ is CONNECTION
Connection with ourselves and our children because every child deserves to be heard, feel seen and know that they matter.

Do you crave a closer connection with your children? Are you tired of yelling at your children and then feeling guilty afterwards? Do you yearn to simply enjoy your children and your time together?

If so, The Conscious Parenting Method™ may be for you.

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*The Conscious Coaching Method™ is a revolutionary method that combines eastern wisdom and western psychology. It was developed by International Author, wisdom teacher and world-renowned psychologist, Dr. Shefali and her Conscious Coaching Institute.*