Accepting The AS-IS

Accepting our current situation in the world is not easy right now. Many adults, teens and middle schoolers are mourning the loss of their lives as they were. Accepting the As-Is doesn’t mean giving up, it means acceptance of what is not in your control and understanding what is in your control. Please listen as I expand on this and …

How Culture Sets Up Parents To Fail

It’s a constant struggle as parents to not control our children’s lives. We fear them not being a success, not getting into that school, not being able to stand on their own two feet BUT is it our fears or the pressures of culture and society?

Conscious Parenting vs Traditional Parenting

What is Conscious Parenting? According to Dr. Shefali, who I am studying with, it is about accepting the child before you as whole. There is no fixing, manipulating, and controlling behaviours. Watch below to learn more how you can guide your child to grow into the human they are meant to be.