Accepting The AS-IS

Accepting our current situation in the world is not easy right now. Many adults, teens and middle schoolers are mourning the loss of their lives as they were. Accepting the As-Is doesn’t mean giving up, it means acceptance of what is not in your control and understanding what is in your control. Please listen as I expand on this and …

Men Accepting Influence

Is your partner hesitant to seek relationship help despite your asks? Accepting influcence from your partner is one of the most powerful ways to a satisfying and long lasting realtionship. When one partner is asking to seek help in a relationship and the other refuses, the relationship will have a tough time lasting. 

Turning Towards Your Partner

If you could do one thing to improve your relationship, would you? Research shows that the simple act of turning towards your partner when they make a bid for attention can dramatically change the course of your partnership for the better.

Being Heard by Your Partner

Accepting influence from your partner is the key to being heard and respected. If one person is not able to listen to their partner then how can a relationship survive?

5 Steps to Emotion Coaching

As a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your child what emotions are, that it is ok to feel all emotions and what each emotion is called. They will not learn this at school or through their peers and your relationship with your partner will be integral to your children seeing how emotions are expressed and handled. Remember they …

sylvia otvos with sam reynolds

Doula Dialogues Interview

Every relationship changes after having a baby! Sleepless nights, hormones, cranky baby, laundry, etc. all contribute to the conflict that couples often have. But there is help! Today on the Doula Dialogues, Sylvia chats with Samantha Reynolds, a Gottman Certified Educator, from @ModernChildParenting, about how to keep your relationship strong while raising a family. Listen in for tips and tools …

couple kiss on cheek

Let’s Talk About Sex…Or Not!

Did you know that only 9% of couples who talk to each other about sex are sexually satisfied in their relationship. Many couples avoid discussing the issue of sex and as a result, they worry about the quality of their relationship. Avoiding the subject often results in depression for one or both partners, escalating conflict, and a decrease in overall …