Men Accepting Influence

Is your partner hesitant to seek relationship help despite your asks? Accepting influcence from your partner is one of the most powerful ways to a satisfying and long lasting realtionship. When one partner is asking to seek help in a relationship and the other refuses, the relationship will have a tough time lasting. 

Emotional Guiding

Why protecting your children from feeling their feelings is not a good idea. Research shows that allowing your children to feel the feelings that are coming up for them lead to children having higher self-esteem, higher cognitive scores, being more social, being able to regulate emotions and trusting themselves.

Turning Towards Your Partner

If you could do one thing to improve your relationship, would you? Research shows that the simple act of turning towards your partner when they make a bid for attention can dramatically change the course of your partnership for the better.

Dads: All Types of Dads

Research shows that a dad has some unique talents when it comes to playing and emotionally connecting with their children. Children who have an emotionally present dad score higher on cognitive tests, are more social and have more empathy. And this boasts well for same sex partners and single parents too! If one parents can model some of “dad’s” behaviours, …

dad playing with daughter

I just received the most amazing email from a dad!

Now, a number of dads have told me openly when entering my workshop that they didn’t want to be here and that they had to be persuaded to come.  Frankly, I welcome the honesty because I know that I and the material can and will change their minds.  I was so excited by what this one dad wrote to me …